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How to simplify Project Management in your enterprise

Project and Program Management for OpenText Content Server

I’ve been working with Project Managers from different industries and over the last few years and I have seen their pressure increase as managing projects seems to get more complex every year.

ELN Deployments are Simple - 6 Key Steps to Success

Easy to implement

Ever think about how much work it is to deploy an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN)?

Seems like an overwhelming task.

For many organizations it is.

But is doesn't have to be...

Consumer Goods companies: clear choices for R&D

Consumer Packaged Goods and ELN

Catching up with reading over the New Year, I found the article ‘Tough Choices for Consumer Goods companies’ in my list. (

Can an ELN help the Chemicals Industry crack the CO2 Challenge?

CO2 Global Warming Glacier

It’s a challenge to think about carbon dioxide as a positive resource rather than as a pollutant, but that’s what Gernot Klotz, Innovation head at Cefic, set out to do at October’s Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit.

Last in a Series - Next Generation ELN Requirement #7: KM strategy must transcend five functional areas: Docman, sample management, test requests, record keeping, and seamless data integration


It has already been discussed that the KineMatik ELN is built upon Content Server, an Enterprise Information Management system. This means that the ELN also contains an enterprise class document management system. Some of the features of document management probably don’t mean much for most end users, but it is important, especially in the more regulated environments (QA/QC, manufacturing etc.) as the user can link to a specific approved version of a protocol. Thus if a protocol is updated, the Experimental reference still points to the version that was used for the experiment, maintaining the experimental integrity.

Sixth in a Series - Next Generation ELN Requirement #6: Incorporation of strong Social Media tools so conversations (collaboration) can happen in real-time


KineMatik’s ELN currently incorporates Social Media tools to improve collaboration, such as blogs, wikis, and discussion forums not only for internal, proprietary exchange of ideas, but equally for organizations working with external partners. 

Fifth in a Series - Next Generation ELN Requirement #5: Notification to users on related topics in the ELN repository that may be of interest to them (ala Google, Bing…)


Recommendations are capability that allows users to find other information that may be useful to their searches.

Fourth in a Series - Next Generation ELN Requirement #4: There needs to be a pro-active mechanism that notifies users on topics of interest as they are added to the repository


Another long standing feature in the KineMatik ELN, a user can create a spider query based on a topic of interest, called a “Prospector”.  The user defines simple parameters, similar to the search capabilities defined above and others such as a date range for when the prospect is active, as the search criteria. If a Prospector identifies information that matches the user’s search criteria, provided the user has the appropriate permissions to that item, it then adds the corresponding item to a result list where it can be accessed.  Working with Prospectors also involves organizing and deleting results. When creating a Prospector, the user can also set its result list options, which include the number of results displayed and the order in which the results are listed, based on closest match and/or ranking.  The user can also choose whether the ELN shows or hides summaries of the resulting list items. Notifications can also be created that emails the requesting user each time the result list is updated.

Third in a Series - Next Generation ELN Requirement #3: File interchange formats need to be standardized for the exchange of knowledge, information & data that are completely independent of vendors & products


KineMatik strongly believes in adoption of open standards, and as such will work within the framework of any reputable group whose mission is to define standards for data interchange with ELNs.  The KineMatik ELN currently supports the XML (Extensible Markup Language) for data export/import and communication with any 3rd party system that supports the XML standard.

5-Warning Signs Your R&D is About to Suffer a Stroke

  1. Paper lab notebooks are still used as the record of invention.
  2. Researchers find it more efficient to repeat an experiment than to try and find past data.
  3. R&D Managers have difficulty making timely decisions on key projects.
  4. There aren’t enough new products in the R&D pipeline.
  5. Finding data for IP defense has been challenging.
    No worries, because KineMatik can help!  With our award-winning Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), we can get your business back on track by providing these benefits:
    • Tactical Implications
      • Ability to capture, store and reuse data
      • Greater creativity from research staff
      • Maximize effectiveness of collaboration
      • Conversion of tacit to explicit knowledge
    • Strategic Implications
      • Decrease in "loss" or misplacement of data
      • Reduce redundant efforts
      • Make better decisions faster
      • More effective management of Product Development Lifecycle
      • IP protection and security
    • Financial Implications
      • Decrease time to market, thus increasing profit window
      • More effectively manage R&D projects (and people) while reducing costs
      • Minimize the likelihood of FDA or USDA scrutiny and fines

    Check us out, or better yet call us to discuss your situation!

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