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Since 1991, Open Text Corporation has delivered innovative software that brings people together to share knowledge, achieve excellence, deliver innovation, and enhance processes. Its legacy of innovation began with the successful deployment of the world's first search engine technology for the Internet. Today, as the leading global supplier of collaboration and knowledge management software for the enterprise, OpenText supports six million seats across 4,500 corporations in 31 countries and 12 languages throughout the world.

KineMatik™ is an affinity partner of OpenText, enabling KineMatik's technology to closely integrate with OpenText's Content Server enterprise content management (ECM) platform. This ensures that KineMatik can leverage all of the enterprise content management (ECM) functionality that comes as standard with Content Server.



Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

KineMatik™ is a Microsoft Managed Partner (the top 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide).



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Blaze Systems

Blaze Systems is a leading supplier of total LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) solutions which improve performance and business effectiveness across a wide variety of laboratory functions and industries. Blaze Systems offers a complete, comprehensive and cost effective suite of products and services to enhance your enterprise performance at the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest lifetime benefits. The corporate ethos is to operate as a partner in the success of your enterprise over the entire life cycle of your BlazeLIMS or BlazeLink installation. Blaze Systems has demonstrated a sustained market presence with over a decade of service as a supplier of LIMS and related services.

KineMatik™ works with Blaze Systems to integrate to LIMS, SDMS and laboratory equipment directly from the eNovator Application Suite.


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Scilligence is a leading software innovator of next-generation cross-platform cheminformatics and bioinformatics tools for life science and chemical industries, universities and research institutes.  Scilligence specializes in chemical structure searching or mining across a variety of data sources and file types.  All its informatics products have patented technologies in the core which enable powerful structure searching or mining capabilities. To ease IT support and maintenance, our informatics applications have low IT footprint and do not require any client installation.

KineMatik™ is working with Scilligence to integrate chemical and biological tools and searching capabilities into the eNovator Application Suite.


ChemAxon is a leader in providing Java-based chemical software development platforms and drug discovery toolkits for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

KineMatik™ is working with ChemAxon to integrate chemical software capabilities into the KineMatik Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) as part of the Chemistry Application.


Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, USA, Surety® is the leading provider of tamperproof data integrity solutions that generate irrefutable evidence of exactly what electronic records were created and precisely when. Surety's mission is to help clients guarantee the trustworthiness of their electronic records…indefinitely. Founded by two leading Bellcore scientists, the company has been helping customers validate the integrity of their electronic records since 1994.

KineMatik™ has integrated Surety's digital notary service into the eNovator suite of applications, allowing researcher reports to be notarized by Surety at the click of a button.

Adlib Software

In the document management industry, Adlib Software is known as a leading producer of server-based pdf editing, document conversion and OCR software solutions. Its products integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications or act as standalone document management software solutions.

KineMatik work with Adlib Software to ensure that experimental records are published to PDF for IP protection.


Resonate KT

Resonate KT's software products enable the rapid creation or extension of business applications within the fabric of Content Server ; products that powerfully bring together structured and unstructured information for end users. Build secure custom applications using native Content Server items such as Forms, WebReports and Workflow without customizing Content Server itself or installing expensive standalone servers.