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Solving new and complex challenges from societal changes to citizen of the future requests, from reduced budgets to pressure on front-line services, require new ways of providing services. Public sector organizations need to innovate to effectively respond to these challenges regardless of government sector e.g. healthcare, justice, education, central, state or local government. The ongoing challenge for public sector organizations is driving efficiencies within an increasingly complex work environment. Administrations need their IT department to drive these efficiencies. Many Public Sector organizations have a content management system in place and others are looking to implement an Enterprise Content Management system. KineMatik provides business solutions which extends OpenText's ECM, Content Suite, to all departments.

Single Source of Truth

Centralized repository for all relevant business information.

Integrated Project / Quality Knowledge

Integrated processes and related business activities.

Connected Workspaces 

Allow role-based access to connected relevant information.

Ensure Compliance

Full audit trail and tracking to support governance & compliance.

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Real-time Reports

Instant access to real-time data. Improved, more informed decision making.

Fast User Adoption

Modern, intuitive interface to allow fast, easy user adoption.

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OpenText Project Solutions for Public Sector by KineMatik

Integrate project management functions and tasks with enterprise documents to extend the use of your ECM. Manage your project quality processes to mitigate project risks and manage issues. Ensure that you capture lessons learned from project team experience and improve project success. Automatically assemble project documentation for FOI and management requests. Manage Complaints and automate the management of your Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPAs).

  • Accelerate project planning, execution and completion.
  • Better decision making and collaboration with a real-time view of program & project reports.
  • Save time searching for documents and records as all documents are in a single, centralized system.
  • Manage and integrate project risks. Ensure visibility and management of project issues.
  • Save time by assembling data and publishing documents. Avoid delays and late delivery costs.
  • Process & manage Complaints, Corrective & Preventative Actions. 
  • Automate your Audit process to optimize Audit preparation, scheduling & execution of the Audit.
Project Management
Advanced Project Management tools for complex projects.
Project Quality Applications
Risks, Issues and Learnings.
Optimize time and costs publishing complex documents.
Automate Audit processes from Audit preparation to Audit reporting.
Record and manage corrective actions to prevent their re occurrence
Efficiently resolve complaints using the Complaints Management application

OpenText Quality Solutions for Public Sector by KineMatik

It is critical that the public sector is fully compliant in all departments of the organization and activities are transparent to the public. It is essential to promote a culture of quality in every department. A single, centralized system to manage all quality activities is important to maintain a good quality system with real-time reporting for transparency. 

With OpenText Quality Applications for xECM by KineMatik manage all Quality processes in a single and centralized system. Extend your xECM to all departments with a complete set of Quality processes that can be integrated or used as standalone. 

  • Standalone/Integrated Quality applications: - Complaints, Corrective/Preventative Actions (CAPA), Change Control, Document Change Control, SOP Training, Audits, Equipment Register.
  • Manage, track and integrate Quality processes & records in a single system.
  • Out of the box configuration including workflows (providing a defined process), forms and reports.
  • Easy modification of form views, workflows and the Quality Applications' interface.
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Applicable Solutions
Automate Audit processes from Audit preparation to Audit reporting.
Change Control
Automate Change Management processes in Content Suite.
Complaints Management application  to ensure efficiency & maximize productivity.
Document Change Control
Control your  document change management process.
Record and manage corrective actions to prevent their re occurrence.

SOP Training
Manage all SOP Training.
Equipment Register
Manage and record calibration and maintenance records.

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Senior Project Manager
Public Sector

"Monthly senior management meetings which can include up to 30 people have been  cut down from 3 hours to 1 hour as real-time reports are now readily available. Agreed changes can be implemented in real time. This saves us over 60 hours of senior management time in a month."

Regulatory Manager
Public Sector

"The KineMatik SOP Training Application ensures that staff in every department are up-to-date in all of their procedure training. As a public sector organization all of our regulatory compliance activities have to be fully transparent. It is essential we are fully compliant at all times."