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Project Management for Content Suite / xECM

See how this industry client drives business value through managing and reporting on their projects with Project Management for Content Suite: customer story and video.

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Protecting Intellectual Property with an ELN

With increasing competitive pressures, the need to completely protect Intellectual Property right from the start of a research program is greater than ever. Ensuring all research data is captured at every location and in a timely manner has become a priority in the defence of valuable research advances.
The KineMatik client in this case study was focused on getting products to market faster and accelerating their patent process.

IP Protection with an ELN

Publisher for Content Suite - produce Data books / MRBs in minutes

For heavy manufacturing and engineering industries, completing a project means more than supplying the physical product. A critical element is also supplying the product documentation. This is typically a complex and time-consuming task to locate and collate thousands of pages of specifications, drawings and certifications into one professional document for the client.

This case study outlines how Content Suite clients solved this challenge with
Publisher for Content Suite, reducing hours of work to minutes and accelerating the review and approval process, to achieve an ROI of less than 5 months.


Packaging Industry - Improve R&D with an Electronic Lab Notebook

In recent years ELNs have been developed to support a wide range of industries and different types of research. In parallel, industries such as Packaging, Chemicals and Food & Beverage have been exploring ways to increase R&D efficiency and protect intellectual property. Learn how this client identified an ELN that worked the way their research teams do in a highly competitive and fast moving industry.  

 Packaging Industry Case Study