Product Datasheets

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DownloadELNDatasheet KineMatik ELN - Electronic Lab Notebook

Learn about KineMatik’s powerful ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) enables secure capture, collaboration, sharing, searching, protecting and reporting on all your experiment information and data while protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) throughout the R&D lifecycle. 

 DownloadPPMDatasheet Project and Program Management for Content Suite

Learn how KineMatik's Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) System enables better decision making, improved efficiency, secure collaboration and shorter project lifecycles. Built on the strength of OpenText Content Suite.

KineMatik LinkLab - Lab Integration System

Learn how KineMatik's LinkLab is a powerful, user configurable, laboratory solution that integrates the KineMatik Electronic Laboratory Notebook(ELN) to diverse laboratory systems (instruments, LIMS, SDMS and CDS), providing interchange of information associated with testing requests and testing results.


KineMatik Chemical & Biological structures

Extends the KineMatik Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) by allowing users to create, edit and import chemical and biological structures. Search capabilities are also extended allowing users to search for chemical, biological and polymer structures as chemical structure objects or within files such as MS Office documents or external databases and file structures.


Navigation for Content Suite

Easily navigate complex Content Suite environments with KineMatik Navigation & Dashboards that graphically represent data in quick and easy to understand ways. Increase user adoption and satisfaction with Content Suite while speeding up deployment. Navigation ribbon, icons and maps are accessible on every page in Content Suite, allowing users to navigate to their most commonly used areas with 1 or 2 mouse clicks.

 DownloadLRMSDatasheet KineMatik LRM – Lab Resource Management system

LRM manages lab inventory and equipment in a central location. It gives you real-time data on inventory and alerts you to shortages and expirations. Workflows ensure requests are sent for appropriate action like re-qualification or disposal.


 Quality Management System for Content Suite

QMS for Content Suite provides a fully integrated quality management system with the advantages of a Content Suite platform. Integrate quality process and quality documents in a single system, managed by Content Suite. Integrate QMS to the enterprise, including systems like SAP. Add-on module to Content Suite, no coding required.


KineMatik Advanced IP Protection (AbsoluteProof Integration)

KineMatik's Advanced IP Protection with AbsoluteProof protects the integrity of your electronic documents by cryptographically “sealing” them using an AbsoluteProof Seal. An AbsoluteProof Seal binds a “digital fingerprint” of your document to a reliable timestamp representing the current time.


Publisher for Content Suite

Publisher for Content Suite provides a comprehensive publishing tool to help users quickly produce professional documents from detailed data in Content Suite. Complex documents can be assembled in minutes.