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Project & Program Management for Content Server (53secs)

 A quick overview of how Project and Program Management (PPM) for OpenText Content Server gives project managers the project management tools they need, built on Content Server: 
-A central database for all projects, searchable and re-usable project data
-Working together in real-time
-All project data automatically captured and managed by Content Server


Electronic Lab Notebook (2 minutes)

Business benefits of ELNs plus a rapid overview of the KineMatik ELN


Electronic Lab Notebook (7 minutes)

An overview of the KineMatik ELN. With over 15 years experience across a range of research needs, KineMatik understands the functions researchers really use and has focused on delivering an ELN solution that reflects the way researchers work today. Designed as a multi-discipline Electronic Lab Notebook, the KineMatik ELN meets the needs of a broad range of researchers.  

 Project and Program Management


Project & Program Management for OpenText Content Server (6 minutes)

See how Project and Program Management (PPM) for OpenText Content Server provides industry standard project management tools they need, plus the benefits of working on Content Server.

Electronic Lab Notebook, ELN, Demonstration, Video


Electronic Lab Notebook (11 minutes)


See how KineMatik‚Äôs ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) enables secure capture, collaboration, sharing, searching, protecting and reporting on all your experiment information and data while protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) throughout the R&D lifecycle. 



ChemBio Video Image 

Chemistry & Biology - ChemBio Demonstration (7 minutes)

See how ChemBio extends the KineMatik ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) by allowing you to create, edit, display and import chemical, biological and polymer structures, as well as search for chemical and biological structures as chemical structure objects or embedded within files such as MS Office documents.