KineMatik provides development services to meet your needs.  Development generally falls into one of the following categories:

Custom Development

Any custom development is also considered for inclusion in one of the existing KineMatik Applications. If the custom work aligns with existing or new functionality or the KineMatik roadmap, then the development is released as a new version of the application. This ensures that all clients get access to the new feature set. On the creation of the specifications the development team ensures that additional configuration can also performed to meet additional requirements for other clients. In the event where the custom work is only applicable to one client, then a separate module is developed to provide those features. This simplifies code maintenance and upgrades for the client.

Systems Integration

The KineMatik Application Suite has existing APIs and webservices available to performing integration to a wide range of external systems. Existing integration paths are available for SAP, PeopleSoft and other systems. Search capabilities can also be extended to existing external file structures and databases including any legacy data sources. Systems integration services also cover any integration to external LIMS or SDMS.

Legacy data migration

When implementing a new system there can be existing or legacy systems with data that is important to the organization. The KineMatik development team can perform migration from existing data structures into the KineMatik Applications, including metadata, to ensure that all of your valuable information remains available to the organization.

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