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Getting new products to market faster is essential for every organization. To achieve this, research and development colleagues need flexible solutions that adapt to the way they work today.

With over 15 years experience working with clients in a broad range of industries, KineMatik has developed a range of solutions for R&D. This includes:

  • Electronic Lab Notebook:  Gain time with all R&D data captured in a secure location and searchable with one of the industry's most powerful search engines. Share knowledge and access the ELN from anywhere, including mobile devices. Protect your data with audit trails and one-step witnessing, configurable to be fully 21 CFR Part 11 and 37 CFR compliant. Learn more
  • Chemical & Biological structures: the KineMatik ELN is designed to offer maximum flexibility for a wide range of research types and the ChemBio module integrates seamlessly with the KineMatik ELN for those colleagues who need to work with chemical and biological structures. Powerful search lets users search structures in multiple ways from a single search screen. Structures are publication ready and publishable to an electronic record. Learn more
  • LIMS & Lab Equipment Integration: the flexible LinkLab module integrates the KineMatik ELN with a broad range of lab systems such as instruments, LIMS, SDMS and CDS. Learn more
  • Lab Resource Management: save time on lab materials management and ensure compliance with GXP requirements on equipment maintenance with the flexible Lab Resource Management System for the KineMatik ELN. Learn more

Open Text Content Suite: KineMatik has developed a range of solutions for Content Suite customers including project management and dashboard solutions. These include:

Project and Program Management (PPM) for Content Suite:  
  • Provides all the benefits of project management software and the power of Content Suite in a single system. With industry standard project management tools like Gantt charts, resource planning, collaboration and reporting, project managers can get started quickly and manage their projects with all the data the team needs instantly available in Content Suite. Learn more
Navigation & Dashboards for Content Suite:
  • Increase user adoption and satisfaction with Content Suite with faster navigation and personal dashboards. Users can easily navigate detailed Content Suite environments to get to frequently used areas in 1 or 2 clicks, from anywhere in Content Suite. Reporting dashboards show the latest metrics in quick and easy graphs and tables, exportable for any report. Learn more
Quality Management System: 
  • KineMatik‚Äôs Quality Management System (QMS) ensures you are prepared to meet audit and compliance regulations. Get started quickly with out-of-the-box standard processes based on industry best-practices. The QMS is also fully configurable in order to comply with changes to regulatory requirements and to easily align the system with existing quality processes. Learn more
Professional Publishing for Content Suite: 
  • The standard Content Suite installation does not come with publishing tools to assemble & format documents. Publisher enables Content Suite users to quickly make professional Microsoft Word & PDF reports from Content Suite data - for example creation of report quality production records, design history files, etc. Publisher can pull content from anywhere in the Content Suite whether in single or multiple files or folders and has report templates and automatic Tables of Content to quickly generate reports. Learn more

To learn more about any KineMatik solution, please contact us.