Laboratory Resource Management System (LRMS)

KineMatik’s Laboratory Resource Management System (LRMS), part of the eNovator Application Suite, allows users to easily manage material inventory stock levels and expiration dates, as well as equipment maintenance, calibration dates and documentation. Automatic reporting alerts when maintenance or calibration is due or expiration occurs ensuring compliance with GxP requirements.

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LRMS Benefits

  1. Materials Management. There are always experiments that don’t go according to plan due to a lack of a materials management system. Materials are either not in stock, leading to delays in completing your research, or materials may have expired causing compliance issues. KineMatik’s LRMS provides you with the appropriate tools to optimize management of resources for your lab.describe the image
  2. Equipment Management. Equipment that you are using on an ongoing basis may not be fully calibrated. The KineMatik LRMS allows you to store all calibration certificates associated with the equipment to ensure that your equipment is running optimally.
  3. Automated Reports. The system reports on the status of materials and  equipment calibration or maintenance requirements by utilizing the automated reporting engine. These reports can be emailed to specific users or can automatically initiate a workflow to generate an appropriate and timely action.
  4. Calendar Integration. Planning experiments without planning for associated equipment may cause significant delays in product development. KineMatik’s LRMS provides a scheduling mechanism to view availability of equipment, the ability to reserve it, and ensures that your experiment goes according to plan.