Project and Program Management

Project and Program Management


Academics are under increasing pressure to show that projects and grants are being managed properly. Tools are not readily available to help busy academics to manage these aspects of day-to-day life. The KineMatik Project and Program Management (PPM) system, part of the eNovator Application Suite, can help you assign and manage tasks to ensure that the important things in your laboratory get completed efficiently and easily. You can even create projects that external or internal collaborators can access to leverage cross group synergies.

PPM Benefits

  1. Standardized Project Management. Simplify completing your projects using easy to use industry standard tools to view and manage all tasks within your project.
  2. Quicker decision-making process. Sometimes decisions can be difficult to make as the team gets pulled in many different directions including attending conferences, off site meetings and more. KineMatik’s PPM system facilitates the decision making process by allowing team members to contribute using social media tools like discussions or polls.
  3. Create visibility for all tasks for your project. By using KineMatik’s PPM system to map out your project and all associated tasks, you can gain valuable insights regarding which tasks need to be completed and when.
  4. Increase team productivity and efficiency. Today, some academic research projects reach across several different groups that need to selectively share data and findings. This collaborative approach requires a solution that provides a secure environment where all project team members can access, participate in, track and share the details and critical information of a project. KineMatik’s PPM system allows you to share that information selectively and securely with your external collaborators.