Project and Program Management

Project and Program Management


KineMatik’s Project and Program Management (PPM) System, part of the eNovator Application Suite, provides you with real-time visibility into the status of your projects, ensuring that resources and personnel are allocated and utilized efficiently. This facilitates the development and improvement of processes and methodologies while allowing for multi-site, cross group collaboration on activities and projects.

PPM Benefits

  1. Improve the decision-making process. Due to a significant workload, Government institutions and contractors are challenged to monitor projects on a granular level and ensure adherence from a resource, schedule, cost and risk perspective. KineMatik’s PPM system provides real-time, automated reports as well as interactive dashboards supplying project and program managers with pertinent information to effectively manage multiple projects.
  2. Automate project tracking and assignment of tasks. KineMatik’s PPM provides your organization with an automated stage gate approach to project management. The lifecycle management and automated task assignment provides an organization with the ability to align and standardize processes according to organization strategies, thereby ensuring that projects deliver consistently and in a measurable fashion. KineMatik’s PPM system utilizes standardized Gantt and resource charts coupled with automated task assignment and notification to ensure that the critical path of the project is minimized. Integration to MS Project allows for importing and exporting project files.
  3. Project documentation. Government organizations produce a significant amount of documentation which is commonly stored in an unstructured manner on shared drives, emails or local hard drives. Therefore, finding a relevant version of a document can be, at best, time consuming if not impossible. Conversely, KineMatik’s PPM projects, phases, and tasks all have workspaces to ensure that your documents are put in context. KineMatik’s PPM can be configured to be 21 CFR Part 11 and DoD 17025 compliant via capabilities such as audit log and version control.
  4. Increase team productivity and efficiency. Today, government projects often reach across several distinct groups that need to selectively share data and findings. Government contractors often have upwards of 10 different organizations on a team. This collaborative approach requires a solution that provides a secure environment where all project team members can access, participate in, track and share the details of a project. By using the role-based security access system, KineMatik’s PPM system allows defined access to project teams ensuring that all members are connected, informed and accountable, thereby reducing project schedules dramatically.