KineMatik LinkLab - LIMS and Lab Instrument Integration


KineMatik LinkLab integrates the KineMatik ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) to many laboratory systems such as:

  • Instruments
  • LIMS
  • SDMS
  • CDS

With a simple web based view, users can interchange information associated with testing requests and testing results.

LinkLab connects individual brands and models of laboratory equipment (that have unique transport, protocol, data representation and information formats and content) systems seamlessly by resolving all these data differences, as well as providing a guaranteed store and forward capability.

Integrate disparate systems and legacy data and systems seemlessly and easily.   

LinkLab Benefits

  1. Save time and money via automation
  2. Allow scientists to concentrate on value added research
  3. Automatic retrieval of data from external systems improves efficiency
  4. Reduce transcription errors
  5. Auto generation of LIMS tests and parameters ensures compliance and reduces issues
  6. Set and forget capabilities notify users when Laboratory Tests are complete
  7. Uni- or bi-directional operational requests
  8. Data can be parsed to ensure that data mining and analysis can be performed
  9. Configurable to be 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
If you would like more information on how the KineMatik ELN can help your organization, please Contact Us.  
Download LinkLab Datasheet