Navigation & Dashboards for Content Suite

Losing time on everyday tasks like navigating and keeping track of key metrics is frustrating for users.

Enhance your users Content Suite experience and accelerate performance:

Navigate in 1 or 2 clicks from anywhere in Content Suite
- Use personal Dashboards to quickly see key metrics
- Improve user adoption and satisfaction with Content Suite, gain time everyday 

Faster Navigation 

Work faster in Content Suite by moving anywhere in 1 or 2 clicks. Click on customized icons for shortcuts to frequently used areas.  Available on every screen in Content Suite. See Video

Personal Dashboards show any metrics or KPIs the user needs

Users can see at a glance the metrics that matter to them, in clear graphs or tables. They can select any metrics, for example:

  • Tasks completed
  • Lists of assignments
  • Budget vs actual costs


Dashboard data is fully interactive so users can drill down for the detail they need. Data is real-time and can be used for reporting either live from Content Suite or by exporting to other applications.

See Navigation & Dashboards for Content Suite  Video


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Note: the core repository for OpenText Content Suite is OpenText Content Server, on which this solution is based. Content Server was previously known as LiveLink.