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Publisher for Content Suite provides a comprehensive publishing tool to quickly produce a complex document like a Data Book or MRB from detailed data in OpenText Content Suite / xECM. 

Standard Content Suite* / xECM has no publishing tools to assemble and format documents, a time-consuming task for users who need to assemble data from hundreds of different files or a document with 20,000 pages. Publisher enables users to quickly produce a complex document like a Data Book, MRB or Project Book. Automate manual processes and ensure faster updates and reviews:

  • Save time assembling data and publishing documents. Avoid delays and late delivery costs.Typical ROI of <6 months
  • Automatically collate and publish any Content Suite / xECM data, 400+ formats covered
  • Combine multiple documents into a single PDF document
  • Accelerate review with automatic workflow & keep track in real-time
  • Get started quickly, single server license with no desktop installation. Multiple languages available.

Quickly collate all the data you need 

With Publisher, users can reduce the time and errors associated with manually collating hundreds of pages. 

Users can quickly define the design and contents of documents using easily configured XML templates. 

Publisher can pull data from single or multiple folders or even folder hierarchies.

It can work with 400+ file type inputs, text or images, to produce PDF, PDF/A, TIFF or HTML documents. 

All data is collated into a single document with an automatic Table of Contents. Users can define color schemes, custom headers and footers, logos and covers.

Workflows to automate review and approval

Publisher workflows automatically send the document to a pre-assigned list of reviewers. Review is accelerated by:

  • Email notifications to reviewers
  • Tools for  electronic signature or notarization. Can be configured to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Automatically tracks reviewers and progress. Provides full audit trail of timelines and changes
Publisher can also manage revisions to documents-of-record and maintain a complete history of these documents. It can automatically add the latest versions of any content and provide a full audit trail to show which versions were updated when and by whom.

Content Suite / xECM application  

Only a single server licence is required. No additional coding needed. Configured via Content Suite Administration. 

Publisher has been used for over a decade across a wide range of industries.

If you would like more information on how Publisher can help your organization, please contact us.   

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*Note: the core repository for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM (xECM) is OpenText Content Server, on which this solution is based. Content Server was previously known as LiveLink.