QMS - Quality Management System for Content Suite

Streamline Quality Management with the Quality Management System (QMS) built on Content Suite* / xECM.  

QMS provides a single system for all quality processes including Change Controls, Customer Complaints, CAPAs, Non-Conforming Products (NCPs), Deviations and more. QMS is an Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) that will also manage quality documents. Centralize and keep track of all quality information with QMS for Content Suite. 

QMS is built on OpenText Content Suite, one of the world's leading Enterprise Content Management platforms. Content Suite provides a central database for all quality information, so teams can quickly search the entire quality management database. Information flows securely and effortlessly across departments and teams can keep track of all quality metrics and processes in real-time.

QMS for Content Suite ensures that:

  • Information is in a single place. All quality processes are managed from one system, which also manages all quality documents.
  • Quality forms, for example a Change Control or CAPA form, can include any document, image or file directly in the quality form so that teams have everything they need in a single place. All of these items are also fully version controlled so that everyone knows they are working with the latest version of the document or file.
  • Dashboards report quality metrics in real-time. The dashboards provide a complete overview of quality information across the whole quality management system. They are also interactive, just click for more detail.


Quality documents, for example SOPs, can also be managed in the same system. Real-time dashboards keep track of reviews and approvals for all quality documents. There are workflows to automatically route quality documents for review or approval and notifications to alert reviewers to pending or delayed tasks. Audit trails show change histories and electronic signatures record approval. 

QMS for Content Suite is flexible and is configurable to the quality processes and forms that suit your organization. Rather than providing 'off-the-shelf' processes and forms that your organization must make significant changes to work with, QMS provides a core framework for you to overlay the processes and documentation that you need.

Connected processes & information flow: a Change Control can launch a CAPA and links are maintained so users can see exactly what triggered the CAPA. The essential information from the Change Control form will be automatically transferred and visible in the CAPA.

Integrate QMS with enterprise systems via xECM. For example, use xECM to link the QMS to SAP so that ERP data can flow into an NCP providing Supplier details.

Content Suite / xECM provides a central and secure environment for enterprise wide quality management information. Complete information linked with a powerful search engine ensures all quality information is instantly available and fully auditable. 

QMS is an add-on application to Content Suite / xECM so no additional coding is required. Users do not need to trained on Content Suite / xECM as their activity is within the QMS application. If you would like more information on how QMS can help your organization, please contact us.


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*Note: the core repository for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM (xECM) is OpenText Content Server, on which this solution is based. Content Server was previously known as LiveLink.