for OpenText™ Content Suite

Managing an organization’s equipment register, including the related documentation and the status of each item of equipment, is a critical first step in implementing a Quality Process for equipment. This ensures the equipment is calibrated on schedule providing reduced equipment downtime and improving throughput.

KineMatik QMS - Equipment Register is an Equipment Quality application for OpenText Content Suite which enables an organization to automate the quality management of their equipment. This provides real-time visibility to the organization in a workflow driven environment. An Equipment Register, on Content Suite, gives an organization an accurate report on the status of all equipment.

Equipment Register - Reports 2.jpg


  • Establish an Equipment Register providing status information on all items of equipment
  • Equipment records can include equipment status, events and all associated documentation e.g. manuals, maintenance details and calibration certificates
  • Capture all documents & audit related data with equipment activities, such as Calibration & Maintenance, facilitating internal and external audit requirements
  • Automated calibration processes are initiated and tasks assigned to appropriate users
  • Integrate the Equipment Register with other KineMatik QMS applications to gain better visibility and
    control into Quality processes e.g. link a failed calibration event to a Change Control record
  • Equipment reports and trends highlight equipment that is problematic and costly to maintain
  • Search and retrieve all relevant and linked quality documents and records
  • Configurable reports and dashboards
  • Utilize the document management and security features of Content Suite
  • Utilize Content Suite version control

The KineMatik QMS Suite of Applications include Audits, Change Control, Complaints, Corrective Actions, Document Change Control, Equipment Register, SOP Training and more. These applications provide linked Quality processes within Content Suite allowing a real-time view of all quality metrics and trends across an organization while at the same time maintaining data and document security.

* OpenText is a provider of the Enterprise Information Management software, Content Suite