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It can be difficult to manage and track SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) training to determine whether or not an individual is compliant with, or has carried out, the required SOP training. Auditing, managing and sharing procedure training data is time consuming and open to errors.  Procedural control and SOP management is a regulatory requirement for many industries and should be implemented as standard business practice.

KineMatik QMS -  SOP Training is an SOP training management and tracking application for OpenText Content Suite which enables the training to be linked directly to the SOPs stored in Content Suite. This application eliminates tedious, time consuming work spent on managing SOP training by automating the process in a single system  in Content Suite and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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  • Create, manage, track and share all SOP training data and documents in a single system
  • Optimize the SOP Training process with Notifications, ensuring on time training reviews, continual training development and required approvals
  • Track employee compliance
  • Utilize Content Suite audits and version control for all activities
  • Configure reports and dashboards with real-time data & report on historic and current SOP training
  • All SOP documents are managed within Content Suite using Enterprise Document Management capabilities
  • Reduce errors and time spent on managing SOP training and safeguard regulatory compliance

The KineMatik QMS Suite of Applications include Audits, Change Control, Complaints, Corrective Actions, Document Change Control, Equipment Register, SOP Training and more. These applications provide linked Quality processes within Content Suite allowing a real-time view of all quality metrics and trends across an organization while at the same time maintaining data and document security.

* OpenText is a provider of the Enterprise Information Management software, Content Suite

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