Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

"We have currently have substantial number of licensed seats and are in negotiations with KineMatik to expand that number. The KineMatik solution is primarily deployed within our Genome Sequencing Platform - so the majority of our users are molecular biologists, engineers, chemical engineers, bioinformatics specialists or management personnel.

The general opinion of users is very positive as demonstrated by the growth in the user population. Due to the diversity of the user population it is somewhat difficult to identify universal primary benefits. As an organization, however, the primary benefit is our greatly enhanced ability to collaborate. Since information is efficiently stored and organized, it can be readily shared with distributed project teams - which has proven extraordinarily beneficial. From a management perspective, the ability to track progress in real time for active projects is one of the primary advantages.

We are using more and more of the KineMatik functionality as time progresses. The electronic lab notebook was the most useful component initially but, as we populated the system with increasing amounts of project information, more of the project management tools became useful. As people began to execute more and more projects "in KineMatik" the ability to coordinate using task lists (for example) also became useful."

Keith O'Neil

Special Projects Manager & Genome Finishing Laboratory Manager

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