Roche Protein Expression Group

"The key challenge was marrying the replacement of the paper laboratory notebook and the needs of the research scientists with the management teams need to manage cost, schedule, risk and capacity. We really weren't expecting one solution to provide all of this."


Head of Operations and IT
Roche Protein Expression Group


"The system is a highly effective means for authenticating the protocols used and the results obtained from our laboratory experiments. In fact, there are some significant advantages to using the ELN over using a paper-based lab notebook. For example, the KineMatik ELN uses a digital notarization system in conjunction with electronic witnessing of the notebooks. A paper lab book is not routinely notarized, and often the signature of the primary researcher is not accompanied by a witness' signature. Using such electronic systems, I believe we can make a very strong case that the KineMatik ELN lab documents are authentic and have not been altered in any way."

Ken Waite

IP Lawyer

Electronic Lab Notebook


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