"We firmly believe that with a solution such as the KineMatik ELN deployed in all our research centers, Teagasc will benefit immeasurably by enabling researchers to collaborate and share knowledge while protecting that which is most precious to us - the intellectual property we generate."

Kevin O’Farrell

Head of Moorepark centre, Teagasc


"By being able to provide an easy-to-use interface, the KineMatik ELN could greatly reduce the maintenance and overhead for us in terms of enabling researchers to generate their own reports."

David Cliffe

Head of IT at Teagasc, Moorepark


"We are now able to share information about the experiment (what stage it’s at, what are the latest results) without having to conduct face to face meetings. Of course, such face to face meetings will always be necessary, but not as frequently."

Dr. Nora Fitzsimons

Senior Scientist, Teagasc


"The KineMatik ELN provides a clear audit trail of who did what, when. This will help us move closer to achieving full GLP accreditation. In addition to this we can access the critical information which we need."

Billy Meaney

Senior Researcher
Dairy Production Centre, Teagasc

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