View Webinar of LinkLab (LIMS, Equipment Integration)

Recorded Video Webinar of KineMatik's LinkLab to integrate the ELN with diverse LIMS, instruments, CDS, SDMS and more.  

Learn about the value of integrating ELNs, LIMS and Instruments in your R&D Lab:

  • Auto generating LIMS and instrument test requests directly from the ELN experiment
  • Initiating "set and forget" capabilities to notify users when analytical tests are completed and auto-populate the ELN experiment with results
  • Implementing Uni- or bi-directional operational requests
  • Automating retrieval of data from external systems to improve efficiency
  • Reducing time-wasting transcription errors

KineMatik's LinkLab - Efficiency through automation with LIMS and Lab Instruments. 

   LinkLab Webinar Image LinkLab Webinar Image2