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OpenText Audits for Extended ECM

Automate Your Audit Process, Improve Compliance.

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Solution Overview

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OpenText Audits for Extended ECM is a solution that automates the internal audit process in a controlled environment.

This solution allows an organization to plan and submit Audit requests, get approvals and proactively manage all aspects of an Audit. Workflows provide standardized audit plan review and approval processes while dedicated workspaces provide the audit team a central location to capture all audit findings and store audit reports.  

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Key Values 

Automated Audit Process 
Save Time, Reduce Errors 
Automated Audit Process To Manage All Audit Activities


Single Source Of Truth 
Single Source Of Truth 
Centralized Repository For All Documents And Records


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Easy To Adapt And Maintain 
Low Code Configurable Process  
Full Audit Trail 
Maintain And Demonstrate Compliance
Full Audit Trail Management Of All Process Activities
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Increase User Adoption
Extended ECM Smart View Interface. Easy To Use 
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Improve Decision Making
Access To Real-time Data Through Reports And Dashboards

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At A Glance...

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Establish An Automated, Documented Audit Procedure  


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Manage, Track And Integrate All Audits Related Records In A Single System  


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Integrate With Other Quality Solutions To Gain Better Visibility  


vectorpaint - 2022-12-13T123104.521-1
Quickly Create Audit Templates To Accelerate The Process 


vectorpaint - 2022-12-13T123104.521-1
Search For All Relevant And Linked Documents And Records  


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Report On Audit History And Trends. Configure Real-time Reports