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9 Benefits of Integrating SAP with your Electronic Lab Notebook

Posted by Michael Price on Nov 2, 2012 1:59:00 PM

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With the increasing adoption of SAP within R & D organizations, and the demands on R&D to increase efficiency and value, the need for communication of data and workflows between Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) and SAP has become apparent.

While some ELNs may integrate with LIMS and SDMS systems, often data must be pushed into SAP for downstream use in development and manufacturing.  Not only does KineMatik’s ELN offer tight integration through the KineMatik LinkLab connector to LIMS, CDS and SDMS systems, including discrete test instrumentation, but also SAP.

Additionally, many laboratories manage chemicals or reagents utilizing the materials management capabilities of SAP.  Often researchers wish to procure these substances directly from the ELN, which requires a link between SAP and the ELN.

For manufacturing, SAP may also initiate test requests back to the research laboratories based on problems identified in the manufacturing process.  Again, the automated link between SAP and the ELN becomes highly desirable.

Potential Integration Benefits Include:

  1. Initiate Analysis or Calculation workflows or requests from either the ELN or SAP
  2. Push data from analysis systems into the ELN and SAP
  3. Share Product & Safety Compliance information between SAP and the ELN
  4. Link ideas and strategies to relevant project data, workflows and processes
  5. Speed time to market and increase product profitability with integrated procurement, design, development, manufacturing, and service processes
  6. Streamline the handover between R&D and manufacturing
  7. Unify your entire product lifecycle management strategy by enabling transparent document sharing
  8. Gain visibility into relevant product data organization-wide
  9. Enhance chemical inventory, ordering and traceability through SAP’s Enterprise Inventory Optimization

Since KineMatik’s ELN is an application that resides on OpenText’s Content Server platform, with the addition of Extended ECM (xECM) capabilities, the integration points between the KineMatik ELN and SAP create endless possibilities.

KineMatik, OpenText and SAP partner to address your entire organization’s R&D information requirements.

See our most recent blog on ELN's & SAP here

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