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How to simplify Project Management in your enterprise

Posted by Aaron Norman on Jun 3, 2014 12:30:00 PM

I’ve been working with Project Managers from different industries and over the last few years and I have seen their pressure increase as managing projects seems to get more complex every year.

Maybe it’s because of the need to launch new products faster or the increase in complianceProject and Program Management for OpenText Content Server demands or just working with fewer resources, but it seems that managing projects has become more stressful. This is despite all the project management software that is now available.

Although there are many program management packages available,  I hear of the time project managers spend trying to pull in the latest data, how frustrating it is when they can’t work in real-time with their team and how preparing reports  almost seems like an additional job on top of the project itself. Excel and PowerPoint are the only tools that people seem to have access to in some cases.

It’s a frustrating situation for anyone on a project team. Why can’t the project management system automatically get the latest data or work in real-time?

I think we could simplify project management by turning the approach to project management software on its head: instead of buying lots of small software packages that barely connect to the business, let’s start with the enterprise system and make it manage all facets of the project from schedules to documentation, finance and even workflows.

Working with the enterprise system would enable the project manager to:

  • Integrate the project to systems like SAP, Supply Chain, Finance so everyone in the business is working with the same information. Project managers would gain hours, currently spent chasing cross functional colleagues, by being able to see how their project costs look in the Finance system.
  • Real-time project data and updates so everyone is always working with the latest information. Be certain that reports have up to date information.
  • A central location for all business projects so everyone can access and update it. Or even re-use a project in another part of the business.  Or help compliance because it’s easy to find all the project information even if the team has moved on.

I realise this is a different way of looking at projects but how can you effectively manage your project if it’s not part of your business?

We’ve been working with OpenText Content Suite* and developed a project management tool for Content Suite.

If you’d like more information on Project & Program Management for OpenText Content Suite, please see here.


*Also known as Content Server or LiveLink

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