Is It Time To Rethink Your Research Data Collection?

Image of Katarzyna Wojcikiewicz
Katarzyna Wojcikiewicz

 Many enterprises are making the move from manual to electronic data collection. Are you ready to benefit from improved research data management?


 This week we had the perfect demo for our Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). Watch ELN Product Tour

An American multinational corporation with R&D and production facilities for products related to health and diagnostics.The objective of an ELN is to improve the productivity of the lab along with maintaining a central repository for lab notes. Currently, in this organization, the majority of staff involved in R&D and production use paper notebooks with a limited number using a lightweight ELN that isn’t meeting the organizational needs. Primarily the organization wanted a central repository with strong security capabilities where all data could be stored, shared and protected. The system should be available from off-site locations and include workflows for sign off on experiments.

 The solution that was demonstrated, primarily revolved around the Electronic Laboratory Notebook showcasing;

  • Creation of  notebooks and experiments
  • Collaboration
  • Adding all files to and edit from the ELN
  • Creating chemical structures and reactions
  • Signing off on experiments and workflows
  • Managing materials and link to experiments
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