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  OpenText CAPA for Content Suite by KineMatik

Verifying and communicating corrective and preventive actions to the responsible people and management is essential for dealing with product, process and quality problems and preventing their recurrence. CAPA (Corrective Action /Preventive Action) is a Business Process which helps an organization to collect and analyze information, identify and investigate product, process and quality problems and take the appropriate and effective action to prevent recurrence and improve quality.     

OpenText Corrective Action/Preventive Action (CAPA) for Content Suite by KineMatik automates the CAPA process in a single, centralized system on Content Suite. 

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  • Automated, centralized CAPA process which is central to an organizations Quality Management System to ensure the health and efficiency of the operation
  • Manage, track and integrate all CAPAs in a single system
  • Notify and allow all handlers/relevant employees to create, review, investigate, implement and record all CAPA activities
  • Report on CAPA history and trends and understand improvements made 
  • Search and retrieve all relevant and linked quality documents and records
  • Configure reports and dashboards with real-time data   
  • Utilize Content Suite audits and version control for all activities
  • Integrate with other KineMatik Business Solutions for Content Suite

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