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OpenText Compliance Questionnaire

for Extended ECM

Demonstrate Compliance To Your Regulatory Bodies.

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Every organization must demonstrate compliance to their respective regulatory bodies. Compliance Questionnaires are often a part of this process and can range from annual disclosure questionnaires to health and safety compliance questionnaires. Many organizations conduct this process manually or with general purpose technologies such as email and excel.           

OpenText Compliance Questionnaire Management for Extended ECM is an integrated and configurable workflow driven solution that standardizes how an organization creates, approves, initiates, distributes and tracks Compliance Questionnaires in a centralized system.

Compliance Questionnaires can be designed to meet company wide or department requirements leveraging Content Server capabilities such as security, audits, records management and configurable notifications for Managers & Participants.

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At A Glance...

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Single system For Compliance Questionnaire Data 


vectorpaint - 2022-12-13T123104.521-1
Create, Amend, Approve, Distribute And Track  Questionnaires  


vectorpaint - 2022-12-13T123104.521-1
Manage Organization Questionnaires Through Questionnaire Types And Questionnaire Design
vectorpaint - 2022-12-13T123104.521-1
Copy Questionnaire Plans By Duplicating Questions From Previous Questionnaires 


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Pre-configured Questionnaire Workflows Provide Defined Processes And A Systematic Way Of Managing All Activities 


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Report And Understand All Compliance Questionnaire Activities From A Full Audit Trail