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            OpenText Document Change Control for Content Suite by KineMatik  

A robust Document Change Control process lies at the heart of an organization’s Document Management system. Every aspect of auditing and compliance verification is determined through the scrutiny of documented evidence.               

Document Change Control is an Application that ensures controlled creation, revision and obsoletion of controlled company documents. OpenText Document Change Control for Content Suite by KineMatik is a complete off-the-shelf best practice solution for managed document control in a workflow driven environment while utilizing the document management and security features of Content Suite. Listen to Customer Story    Try Software


  • Single, centralized system - Capture, manage, track and review all relevant Document Change Control records
  • Copy Questionnaire Plans - Duplicate all questions from a previous questionnaire
  • Single system for all Compliance Questionnaire data - Easy to create, amend, approve, distribute and track questionnaires.
  • Multiple Compliance Questionnaire workflows - Pre-configured Questionnaire workflows provide defined processes and a systematic way of managing and capturing your organization’s Compliance Questionnaires and responses. Extensible framework to easily register new workflows for specific Questionnaires
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