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OpenText Document Training

for Extended ECM

Create, Manage And Track Document Training Records.

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Solution Overview

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OpenText Document Training for Extended ECM is a document training management solution for Content Suite. User document training is configured to automate training assignment management, including the addition of new documents or new document revisions, for all users.

Document Training maintains training records for all revisions of documents for registered users. The solution eliminates tedious and time consuming work spent on managing document training by automating the process in a single system ensuring  regulatory compliance.

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Key Values

Automated Document Training Process
Safeguard Compliance, Reduce Errors
Automated Document Training Process. Assign Document Training Workflows To Users


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Easy Access To Training Records
Centralized Real-time Document Training Records


Scheduled Notifications
On Time Training Reviews
 Email Notifications Ensure On Time Training And Training Reviews 
Onboard New Employees
Easy Onboard New Employees
Easily Add New Employees To Specific Training Registries 
Real-time Reports And Dashboards
Improve Decision Making
Real-time Reports Provide Complete Visibility Of Entire Training History
Training Rules
Increase Efficiencies
Training Rules On Folders And Documents Automate Employee Training Assignments

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At A Glance...

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Create, Manage, Track And Document Training Records In A Single System 


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Assign Document Training To Users Via Workflow Assignments 


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Notifications Ensure On Time Training Reviews And Continual Training Development 


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Track Employee Compliance, Safeguard Regulatory Compliance 


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Access Current Training Activities With Real-time Reports And View Historical Training 


vectorpaint - 2022-12-13T123104.521-1
Easily Onboard New Employees By Adding Them To Specific Training Registries