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OpenText Document Training for Content Suite

by KineMatik

Auditing, managing and sharing Document training data is time consuming and open to errors. Demonstrating training records during audits can be difficult or impossible.

OpenText Document Training for Content Suite by KineMatik is an effective Document and SOP training management and tracking solution for OpenText extended ECM. Document and SOP management is a regulatory requirement for many industries and should be implemented as standard business practice.

Document Training allows documents to be assigned to users for training while maintaining a searchable training record for each employee for all versions of all documents. This Solution eliminates tedious, time consuming work spent on managing Document Training by automating the process in Content Suite and supporting regulatory compliance

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  • Create, manage, track and document Document Training records in a single system
  • Optimize the Document  Training process with notifications, ensuring on time training reviews, continual training development and required approvals
  • Track employee compliance
  • Personal training records allow users to access current training activities and view historical training
  • Configure reports and dashboards with real-time data & report on historic and current Document Training
  • All documents and SOPS are managed within Content Suite using Enterprise Document Management capabilities
  • Reduce errors and time spent on managing Document training and safeguard regulatory compliance

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