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OpenText Electronic Lab Notebook

for Extended ECM

Capture, Manage, Find & Re-Use Research Data Faster       

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Solution Overview

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The KineMatik Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) Solution helps researchers capture, manage, find and reuse research data faster. Share data from multiple research projects and collaborate across local and global research sites. Protect Intellectual Property and support compliance with regulatory GxP guidelines.


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Key Benefits


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Accelerate Time to Market
 Re-use existing R&D data and accelerate time to market


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Improve Collaboration 
Improve collaboration between R&D sites and other departments


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Real-time Reports
Improved, more informed decision making and governance
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Protect Your IP
Intellectual Property is instantly protected
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Increase Productivity 
Automated ELN to increase productivity, reduce costs and errors 
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Single Source of Truth
A centralized location for all R & D data across all sites

Demo Environment

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