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Animated Video Series About Document Change Control Challenges

Working from Home?

27th of March, 2020 

It has never been more important to have automated systems in place to control and regulate your organization’s documents to ensure your organization continues to operate efficiently. Over the next few weeks, we will share a series of Document Change Control challenges that you may experience when working remotely and how you can overcome these challenges.

In this series, we will present a number of challenges many organizations face when managing document processes. Each challenge will be visualized as an animated video with a short product tour. 

A Controlled Process for Document Creation, Revision and Approval

2nd of April, 2020 

In order to sustain work efficiencies and improve communications with your work colleagues it is important to have automated processes in place to control and regulate your organization’s documents. A standardized, automated document creation, review and approval process may not seem to be a necessary requirement but it can help you to save time, reduce problems in the use of unapproved documents and help maintain compliance.

Control your Document Revision and Obsoletion

14th of April, 2020 

While the creation and re-purposing of content can bring great value to an organization it can also bring a decline in productivity.  Are employees using the correct document, has it been reviewed recently or should it have been removed from the system? Improving document control processes is critical

Control your Document Access and Security

21st April, 2020 

To sustain work efficiencies and maintain document security, it is important to have automated processes in place to control and regulate document access.

A standardized, automated document access and security process ensures that the correct people can get access to the correct documents and access restrictions are in place to maintain security

Leveraging electronic signatures with Document Change Control for Content Suite

29th April, 2020 

Signed documents and policies reassure employees that they are working with the latest, approved policy or document. KineMatik’s Document Change Control for Content Suite leverages Electronic Signatures compatible with Content Suite to further reduce errors, increase efficiencies and maintain regulatory compliance


Ensure Compliance with Document Control 

12th May, 2020 

Every aspect of auditing and compliance verification is determined through the scrutiny of documented evidence.

A robust Document Control process lies at the heart of an organization's Document Management system. By integrating a Document Control tool into your Content Management system, Content Suite, you can be assured of having up to date, relevant and compliant documents and policies at all times