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Energy companies need to adapt their business models to fit today’s fast paced environment. New threats are emerging all of the time along with new laws and energy industry regulations, organizations need to be resilient and flexible.

Energy generation, distribution and management are increasingly complex with companies having to deal with everything from ageing infrastructure and decarbonization to changing power demands and high customer expectations.

Process automation and the generation of real-time data offers adaptable capabilities that can be built upon to help solve real problems, improve functional and process efficiency and help make accurate decisions.

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Today's Challenges

Traditional Energy Companies   

Many Energy organizations are slow to change as they face some unique complications and have huge amounts of capital invested in existing energy assets and technology infrastructure. Change and investment costs money and time  

Ageing Infrastructure                  

The current IT infrastructure in many energy companies is not fit for purpose. Disconnected systems and information silos are hindering progress and the ability to adapt. It is critical to have the right information at the right time.   


Little Process Collaboration       

There is little automation of business processes or they are automated using resource intensive custom code solutions that are difficult to maintain and keep up to date. It is also critical that all users including remote workers have secure data at hand. 

Poor Collaboration & Productivity 

Integration with Enterprise systems is required to increase productivity and ensure good collaboration between all stakeholders and departments. Organizations can turn data generated by digitization into valuable business insight and improve decision making.  

Energy Solution Benefits


Automate Business Processes
Automate Business Processes on a standardized central platform to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. 
Break Down Silos
Breakdown silos and align business processes to improve collaboration with relevant data accessible to required stakeholders and increase efficiencies.
Safeguard Regulatory Compliance
A full audit trail and real time data will help maintain and demonstrate regulatory compliance to meet the needs of increased regulatory pressures. 
Improve Decision Making
A single source of truth with a centralized repository for all relevant records and documents improves decision making and reduces wasted time and money.
Increase User Adoption And Fast Deployment 
Business processes that are integrated with and on top of a single, centralized platform can help in deployment and increases user adoption. 
Manage Controlled Documents
Controlled management of new and existing documents reduces errors and improves service/product quality. 

Energy Solutions 

OpenText Document Change Control for Content Suite by KineMatik 

Ensure controlled creation, revision and obsoletion of controlled documents


OpenText Safe Workplace Playbook for Content Suite by KineMatik 

Control, update and distribute Safe Workplace Playbooks

OpenText CAPA for Content Suite by KineMatik

Control, Automate the Corrective Action / Preventive Action (CAPA) on a centralized system 

OpenText Business Solutions for Content Suite by KineMatik 

Integrate projects and tasks with relevant documents on your Content Management platform

OpenText Project Management for Content Suite by KineMatik 

Integrate projects and tasks with relevant documents on your Content Management platform


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