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The Manufacturing industry is facing new challenges every day, ranging from regulatory constraints, to volatile markets, increased customer expectations and competition. On the other hand, manufacturing companies have increased the opportunity to get ahead through optimizing the use of technology and become more productive and profitable. Many manufacturers, whether in Automotive or Food & Beverages, have Content Suite in place but are not optimizing the use of their enterprise data across all business functions, in all departments. KineMatik can optimize your business processes and extend the use of your Content Suite to all departments.

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Today's Challenges

Managing Data                                   

Organizations are not experiencing a lack of data but a lack of quality data and an inability to use the data effectively across departments and manufacturing sites. A single source of real-time data is critical to improve quality, ensure effective decision making and increase efficiencies.  

Integration And Adoption Of New Technologies

Manufacturing organizations must be strategic in choosing and implementing new technologies which is difficult to do as technology is advancing at increasing speed. A centralized IT platform with integrated, automated processes can speed up deployment and increase user adoption.


Difficult To Manage Controlled Document 

Documentation is at the heart of all organizations but often there is no standard process for managing the creation, revision, approval and obsoletion of documents. It is important to have a standardized process to increase efficiencies and reduce errors.

Lack Of Process Automation      

The need for process automation is ever increasing to ensure greater efficiencies and drive digital transformation. Manufacturers need to rethink their operations and adapt their business. Linking processes to a data management platform helps to remove data silos, make resources more efficient, improve collaboration and ensure compliance.


Manufacturing Solution Benefits


Automated Business Processes
Automate Business Processes on a standardized central platform to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. 
Break Down Silos
Breakdown silos and align business processes to improve collaboration with relevant data accessible to required stakeholders and increase efficiencies.
Safeguard Regulatory Compliance
A full audit trail and real time data will help maintain and demonstrate regulatory compliance to meet the needs of increased regulatory pressures. 
Improved Decision Making                
A single source of truth with a centralized repository for all relevant records and documents improves decision making and reduces wasted time and money.
Increased User Adoption And Fast Deployment 
Business processes that are integrated with and on top of a single, centralized platform can help in deployment and increases user adoption. 
Manage Controlled Documents
Controlled management of new and existing Documents reduces errors and improves service/product quality. 

Manufacturing Solutions 

OpenText CAPA for Content Suite by KineMatik                                                                                               

Control, Automate the Corrective Action / Preventive Action (CAPA) on a centralized system 

OpenText Safe Workplace Playbook for Content Suite by KineMatik 

Control, update and distribute Safe Workplace Playbooks

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