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KineMatik Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) selected by leading Manufacturer of Professional Engineered Construction products

Posted by Anne O'Leary on Tue, Mar 06, 2012 @ 12:47 AM

KineMatik Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) selected by leading Manufacturer of Professional Engineered Construction products

KineMatik, a leading provider of Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) solutions for R&D organizations, today announced that one of the country’s leading manufacturers of engineered construction materials has selected its ELN solution to provide a competitive advantage in R&D.

Providing a range professional products for the highly competitive construction industry requires constant R&D. And to minimize wasted time it is essential to be able to refer back to previous experiments and processes to reduce duplication of efforts. “Our paper-based system did not allow for easy searching of previous materials and processes that we had already worked on. We were losing too much time in the duplication of work we had already done. We chose KineMatik’s ELN because of its ease of use, its powerful search tools and the ability for our people to work together no matter where they are while keeping our valuable IP secure and regularly witnessed with e-signatures.” , said the head of the selection committee.

“We’re delighted to have been selected,” said Michael Jarjour, CEO at KineMatik. “As product R&D needs to become more collaborative to get products to market faster and better managed to ensure IP protection, an easy to use ELN based on the world’s leading content management platforms ensures fast user adoption, ease of collaboration, powerful search and includes internal social media tools, and complete IP protection. Our tools allow our clients to reduce R&D costs and get their products to market faster than their competition.”

KineMatik solutions help R&D organizations improve collaboration, get products to market faster and protect intellectual property.

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KineMatik is a leading global provider of an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Quality Management System (QMS), Laboratory Resource Management System (LRMS) and Project & Program Management (PPM) solutions based on industry standard software platforms including Open Text Content Server and Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies. KineMatik, with our expert Ph.D. Scientific Advisors, helps people in industry, government and academic organizations operate more collaboratively, manage their data more efficiently and be more productive in their daily tasks whether they are bench scientists, laboratory directors, project managers or quality and audit teams. KineMatik has been in business for over 12 years focused on helping make R&D organizations more efficient. For further information please visit us at

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