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Stemnion Selects KineMatik ELN as their Enterprise Research Data Management Platform

Posted by Michael Price on Wed, Oct 03, 2012 @ 01:00 PM

KineMatik ELN to Provide R&D Informatics Platform Across Multiple Disciplines to Improve Collaboration and Increase Innovation

Chicago, IL and Pittsburgh, PA.  October 3, 2012 - Today, KineMatik announced that Stemnion, Inc., a global regenerative medicine company focused on the research, development and clinical use of its proprietary technology platform derived from human placental cells, has selected KineMatik’s Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) to deliver a research data management platform across its research organization. KineMatik is a leading global provider of a fully integrated solution that helps manage R&D at all levels of the product development lifecycle, keeping projects on budget and on schedule, while simultaneously providing the ability to meet stringent regulatory requirements for training and quality. 

Stemnion will deploy KineMatik’s ELN across several research divisions to streamline data capture, eliminate data silos, facilitate collaboration and information sharing, reduce complexity and speed time to research.

“After evaluating several ELN options available on the market, we chose KineMatik because of its extensive capability to perform document management in a traceable and compliant manner,” commented George L. Sing, CEO.  “KineMatik’s ELN will provide Stemnion an infrastructure for centralized research data management, enabling researchers to easily collaborate, and protect sensitive intellectual capital.”

“We are pleased that Stemnion has joined the KineMatik family of very satisfied customers,” remarked Michael Price, VP of Sales at KineMatik.  “We are certain that Stemnion will realize the same high-value as that of our other clients, including increased collaboration on research processes, reduced R&D costs through improved efficiencies, and enhanced protection of vital Intellectual Property.”

KineMatik’s ELN is a flexible and extensible platform based on world-standard ECM technology for the capture, searching and publishing of experimental data , capable of being fully validated. With superior integration capabilities to LIMS, CDS, instrumentation, SAP and SharePoint, the KineMatik ELN increases research productivity and efficiency by improving data accessibility, promoting knowledge sharing and reuse of data across an organization, minimizing duplication of efforts.

About Stemnion

Stemnion, Inc. is a privately held regenerative medicine company focused on the research, development and clinical use of its proprietary technology platform, derived from human placental cells. This platform provides an exciting new approach to wound healing and tissue repair in that it promotes rapid and better quality healing in a wide range of injuries. Stemnion’s proprietary technology platform is derived from a unique population of cells isolated from full-term placental tissue that is normally discarded following delivery of a baby. There is no interruption in the development of the baby to procure this tissue, and therefore there are no ethical, religious, moral or political issues associated with their use. The Company has completed a Phase I human safety trial for the treatment of burns, and is currently planning additional Phase I and Phase II clinical trials.

About KineMatik

KineMatik is a leading global provider of an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Quality Management System (QMS), Laboratory Resource Management System (LRMS) and Project & Program Management (PPM) solutions based on industry standard software platforms including Open Text Content Server and Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies.  KineMatik, with our expert Ph.D. Scientific Advisors, helps people in industry, government and academic organizations operate more collaboratively, manage their data more efficiently and be more productive in their daily tasks whether they are bench scientists, laboratory directors, project managers or quality and audit teams. KineMatik has been in business for over 12 years focused on helping make R&D organizations more efficient. For further information please visit us at

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