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Gartner Report Recognizes KineMatik in Electronic Lab Notebook Field

Posted by Michael Price on Tue, Mar 12, 2013 @ 06:44 PM

Chicago, IL.  – March 1, 2013 – Today, KineMatik announced that a recently released report from technology research company Gartner, KineMatik is recognized in the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) field having achieved the highest ratings of all 21 ELN vendors in its category included in the report.

The report, published January 11, 2013 and titled Manufacturers Must Consider Scientific Domain Expertise During ELN Selection, “is based on insights collected [by Gartner] during hundreds of interviews, briefings and client interactions.”

KineMatik achieved the greatest number of “High” and “Medium” ratings in scientific and functional domain categories of Biology, Chemistry, Formulation, Engineering and GxP in its category.  According to the report, these higher ratings represent “an ability to deliver deep functionality with out-of-the-box solutions that are specific to the industry domain.”

KineMatik’s Executive Chairman, Anne O’Leary, commented that, “The report recognized that KineMatik products are unique from all standard ELNs, since the KineMatik ELN is more diverse, and project-oriented content can be contained within our ELN.  Because of our massive scalability and deep security model, the KineMatik ELN is the only offering that is certified by the U.S. Department of Defense, thus making it suitable for true enterprise capabilities.”

“With the increasing importance of integrating an ELN with LIMS systems,” she went on to say, “the report indicated that the ELN can integrate with LIMS, SDMS and CDS systems through LinkLab.”  KineMatik’s LinkLab capability was developed in partnership with Blaze Systems.

“Because of the linear scalability inherent in KineMatik’s ELN, coupled with deeper scientific domain expertise than most other providers, our experience deploying to very large, global, multi-facility enterprise clients, and our ability to successfully execute,” concluded Ms. O’Leary, “KineMatik’s ELN should be given a close look for those serious about making a wise and substantial investment.”

About KineMatik

KineMatik was founded in 1999 as the leading global provider of an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Quality Management System (QMS), Laboratory Resource Management System (LRMS) and Project & Program Management (PPM) solutions based on industry standard software platforms including OpenText Content Server and Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies. KineMatik, with expert Ph.D. Scientific Advisors, helps people in industry, government and academic organizations operate collaboratively, manage their data efficiently and be productive in their daily tasks whether they are bench scientists, laboratory directors, project managers or quality and audit teams. KineMatik has been in business for over 13 years focused on helping make R&D organizations more efficient.  For further information please visit us at

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