Webinar - The Secret to Better Business through R&D in Packaging

Posted by Judy Costigan on Thu, May 22, 2014 @ 09:58 PM

Is your R&D organization challenged to get new products to market faster and do more with current resources?

This webinar will explain how R&D organizations have used Electronic Lab Notebooks to accelerate new product development and achieve savings of 20-30% in the time spent on key R&D tasks.

WHEN:   Thursday, June 5,   9 a.m. PDT / 11 a.m. CDT / 12 p.m. EDT -  REGISTER >>

This webinar will provide insights on:

  • Initiating a standardized process for innovation and R&D
  • Reducing duplication with full visibility of all research anywhere in R&D
  • Ensuring compliance with Intellectual Property guidelines and Industry regulations with full visibility and audit trails of all work done
  • Reducing inefficiencies and time spent on writing up, witnessing and searching
  • Improving visibility of projects and budgets with real-time reports instantly available
  • Accelerating innovation with instant search and 24/7 collaboration on key data across global research groups and over time as researchers join and leave the organization


We hope you will join us!

About KineMatik

For over 15 years, KineMatik has been developing leading edge software that improves efficiency and knowledge sharing for a range of industries.

As an established Electronic Lab Notebook supplier since 1999, KineMatik understands how research is evolving and what researchers are looking for to make their work more efficient. We provide our customers with tools to save time, reduce duplication and streamline compliance. We enable them to share knowledge with global colleagues and across generations of research. We focus on supporting the way researchers work today and in the future, and our products reflect this, with tools such as mobile access and apps as standard on the KineMatik ELN.

For further information please visit us at http://www.kinematik.com.

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