Adapt and Manage Safe-Workplace Playbooks

Posted by Katarzyna Wojcikiewicz on Fri, Apr 22, 2022 @ 09:36 AM

Creating a safe environment for employees is a top priority. With economic pressures and market demand driving the push to stay open or reopen, companies are adopting new ways of doing business, implementing widespread changes to instill confidence among employees and build resilience. Safe-workplace playbooks support these enterprise-wide shifts and serve as the cornerstone for safe and productive operations. Join this webinar and take a look at the OpenText Safe-Workplace Playbook Management solution which can help your organization meet everyday demands and challenges.


Date:                                   May 12th, 2022

Time:                                   16.00 BST; 11.00 ET; 08.00 PT


Effectively managing these go-to Playbook policies and procedures poses challenges; particularly, how to make the content accessible, current and trackable in order to hold the organization accountable. In addition, Playbook content is extensive, with documentation to address facility opening steps, sanitization protocols, assessment checklists, work schedules and dozens of other topics. Join this webinar to see how the OpenText Safe Workplace Playbook manages these challenges and can help you to: -

  • Create, capture and digitize mobile first Playbooks to help employees work safely
  • Communicate easily about operating procedures and health and safety guidelines
  • Pivot and adapt procedures according to employee input
  • Assign and track operating procedures and training to measure accountability

The OpenText Safe Workplace Playbook Management solution will allow your organization to be more flexible and adaptable to everyday demands and challenges. It prioritizes the Health and Safety of your Employees and ensures operations run smoothly so you can grow and remain a profitable organization.   

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