OTLive: Do Your Employees Read And Understand Your Company Policies?

Posted by Judy Costigan on Wed, Feb 22, 2023 @ 11:23 AM

Automation of company policy and procedure management goes a long way to help organizations meet compliance requirements and improve quality, but more is required. Often key steps in the process of implementation of new and updated policies are overlooked, such as communication and training!  


Date: 9th March, 2023  

Time: 11.00 ET; 17.00 CET; 16.00 GMT

Join this webinar to see why it is so important for every organization to not only automate their document control process, from document creation to document obsoletion but also to ensure that employees have read and understood the organizations policies.  

Policies and Procedures are critical in helping organizations meet compliance requirements and improve quality. They are also essential in promoting a culture of safety in the workplace and offering a standard for all employees to follow. 

These Policies and Procedures are only effective if employees are trained on new policies and notified of future updates. It is important to ensure employees have read and understand every policy and have a relevant, real-time audit trail and record associated with the training.       

This webinar will demonstrate the value of having an automated document control and document training management process on a content management platform, OpenText Extended ECM: -   

  • Increased efficienciesand smooth-running operations with an automated Document Control and Document Training Management process 
  • Improved collaboration and reduced errors with centralized processes on a single content management platform 
  • Maintained regulatory compliance and reduced risks with a full audit trail  
  • On time training reviews through training email notifications  
  • Easy to onboard new employees as quick to add new employees to training registries
  • Increased user adoption with pre-configured workflows and clearly defined processes
  • Quick to adapt, upgrade and maintain with low code, configurable processes    


Join this webinar and see how you can ensure you have complete document control for your policies and procedures as well as a process to manage policy and procedure training all on your ECM, OpenText Extended ECM. 

Topics: Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, ECM, document change control, automation, document training

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