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KineMatik Solutions Now OpenText Cloud Certified

Posted by Judy Costigan on Fri, Jan 14, 2022 @ 01:37 PM

Cork, Ireland. January 2022 - KineMatik is delighted to announce that OpenText has officially cloud certified the KineMatik Business Applications for Content Suite/Extended ECM. The certified solutions allow organizations to take control of their business processes using out of the box solutions.

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Stratesys becomes a KineMatik Authorized Partner

Posted by Judy Costigan on Tue, May 05, 2020 @ 02:31 PM

Stratesys has just been appointed as an Authorised KineMatik Partner, enabling the company to further enhance the Stratesys offering in the Life Sciences and Consumer Goods sectors.

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KineMatik to Showcase the latest QMS Application – Document Change Control; Project Management for Connected Workspaces; New Pre-built Graphical Widgets and more at Enterprise World 2018

Posted by Judy Costigan on Wed, Jun 13, 2018 @ 03:26 PM


KineMatik, is delighted to once again sponsor OpenText’s annual event, Enterprise World, where attendees will get an opportunity to speak with the KineMatik team and see, first-hand, the latest KineMatik solutions for Content Suite.

KineMatik will officially launch the latest Application, Document Change Control, in a series of Quality Management System (QMS) Applications for Content Suite as well as a new version of all existing QMS applications. KineMatik QMS – Document Change Control, which ensures controlled management of all document changes (e.g. SOPs, design specifications), will be shown for the first time at Enterprise World.

KineMatik QMS Application - Document Change Control

In the latest version of KineMatik Project Management you can now enable Project Management functions within Connected Workspaces to manage your projects including Gantt Charts, reports, utilisation and more. The latest version of KineMatik Publisher and KineMatik ELN now support Content Suite 16.2.

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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Ensure Controlled Access & Changes to all Documents in your Content Management System, with the latest KineMatik Quality Management Application – Document Change Control

Posted by Judy Costigan on Tue, Jun 05, 2018 @ 10:08 AM

A robust Document Change Control process lies at the heart of a Quality Management System. Every aspect of auditing and compliance verification is determined through the scrutiny of documented evidence. KineMatik QMS – Document Change Control for Content Suite automates and controls the document change management process in a workflow driven environment while utilizing the document management and security features of Content Suite.

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#OTInnovate 2018: Facing the Digital Revolution with three fundamental concepts

Posted by Judy Costigan on Fri, Apr 20, 2018 @ 01:20 PM

#OTInnovate 2018: Facing the Digital Revolution with three fundamental concepts

KineMatik was delighted to sponsor  a number of the recent OpenText Innovation Tours in Europe. Partners and customers from all industries attended the event to see the latest product releases and hear about OpenText's views of the current trends in technology. Many of the OpenText senior executives were present including Mark Barrenechea, CEO & CTO; Muhi Majzoub, EVP Engineering and Information Technology; Patricia Nagle, SVP Chief Marketing Officer; and Savinay Berry, VP Cloud Platform and Applications. Three key topics were presented and discussed, and included: Intelligent and Connected Enterprises, Security Importance and Data Analytics.

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UPCOMING WEBINARS: KineMatik QMS Applications and KineMatik Project Management for Content Suite

Posted by Judy Costigan on Thu, Apr 19, 2018 @ 11:42 AM


Implement and Configure your Quality Processes Faster


Manage Multiple Projects and Extend your Enterprise Content

KineMatik QMS Applications for Content Suite

KineMatik Project Management for Content Suite

Managing a Quality Management System with multiple processes and records in disconnected systems is time-consuming, costly and open to error. Automated quality management software with a capacity to store all processes and documents in a single system will improve a company's ability to become more efficient, improve quality, comply with regulations and be faster to market.

KineMatik QMS Framework for OpenText Content Suite facilitates the plug-in KineMatik QMS Applications including Audits, Change Control, Complaints, Corrective Actions, Document Change Control, Equipment Register, SOP Training and more. These applications provide linked quality processes with content management allowing a real-time view of quality metrics and trends across an organisation.

Execution and delivery of projects including capturing and managing all the project data across an enterprise can be challenging. Often there is no central repository of projects making it difficult to ensure projects are part of company strategy. Integrating projects with enterprise documents, files or systems can be complex but essential for company growth.

KineMatik Project Management provides industry standard, collaborative and advanced project management tools for OpenText Content Suite. This solution integrates projects and tasks with enterprise documents and records in a single system while utilizing the document management and security features of Content Suite.

Download: KineMatik QMS Applications Datasheet

Date: Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Time: 10:00am GMT | 11:00am CEST

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Download: KineMatik Project Management Datasheet

Date: Thursday, May 11th, 2018

Time: 10:00am GMT | 11:00am CEST

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KineMatik to Sponsor Innovation Tour Munich & Amsterdam

Posted by Judy Costigan on Fri, Mar 16, 2018 @ 04:07 PM

KineMatik, is delighted to sponsor OpenText’s Innovation Tours in both Munich April 16th, and Amsterdam April 18th showcasing a number of new products including the latest release of the QMS applications. See how KineMatik Project Management has been extended to Connected Workspaces and see the latest version of many of the existing KineMatik solutions.

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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Collaboratively Capture and Manage your Research Data, Reduce Time and Costs. Increase efficiency with the Latest Release of KineMatik Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

Posted by Judy Costigan on Thu, Mar 08, 2018 @ 02:30 PM

The KineMatik Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) helps researchers capture, manage, find and reuse research data faster. Share data from multiple research projects and collaborate across local and global research sites. Protect Intellectual Property and support compliance with regulatory GxP guidelines. Available as on premise or in private cloud, there is a deployment plan to suit your IT requirements.

Webinar Date:              Thursday, March 29th, 2018                                                                   

Time:              10am Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00); 4pm GMT; 5pm CET 

Register:        HERE

Exp screenshot - ELN 16.png

Designed as an all-purpose ELN, the KineMatik ELN includes features to support researchers:

  • Modern responsive browser interface with easy digital capture of forms, documents and data.
  • Experimental workspaces that are intuitive and quick to use with smart icons and drag & drop functions. Navigate anywhere in 1 -2 clicks
  • Permissions control access to all content for departments, labs, groups or individuals
  • ELN workspaces can be configured for user, group or project-based activities
  • Configurable templates for experiment creation
  • All data files (e.g. MS Office, PDF, Images, Videos) can be added to the ELN
  • Seamless integration with MS Office desktop, MS Office 365 and local desktop applications
  • A powerful search engine including full text, meta data or natural language search capabilities across documents and any enterprise files.
  • Easy referencing of procedures and protocols used in experiments
  • Supports Experiment versioning along with document level versioning with full audit trails
  • Publish your experiment to a single merged PDF record which can be electronically signed

Register HERE for this webinar and see the value you can get from using the latest version of the KineMatik ELN for Content Suite including:

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EOH Becomes KineMatik Authorised Partner in South Africa

Posted by Judy Costigan on Tue, Feb 06, 2018 @ 12:12 PM

KineMatik recently announced that EOH has been appointed as the authorised KineMatik partner in South Africa, enhancing the EOH Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions and extending its expertise to further meet the needs of its customers.

KineMatik is an OpenText technology partner and a developer of OpenText Content Suite applications. With over 17 years’ experience working with customers in a broad range of industries, KineMatik develops solutions to help businesses operate more efficiently.

EOH EIM executive Victor van der Watt says this new partnership will enable EOH customers to optimise their IT environment and unlock the business value that digital information provides. “This is the right partnership at the right time for both companies. KineMatik is a long established partner of OpenText, with a proven track record across all sectors.”

“We are delighted with this new partnership, EOH has built a broad base of EIM competencies with a unique ability to meet the needs of their customers, across all sectors. We believe that this partnership will further grow our customer base in Africa, creating a better way for organisations to work with information, whether it is on-premise or in the cloud,” says Anne O’Leary, Executive Chairman, KineMatik.

KineMatik has developed applications including:

  • Project Management with industry standard and advanced project management tools
  • Quality Management System applications such as Audits, Complaints, Change Control, Corrective Actions, Equipment Register, SOP Training and more
  • Publisher allows for publishing of complex documents such as Data Books, Project Books and MRBs from Content Suite data
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) built on Content Suite for R & D departments and laboratories


For more information contact EOH Enterprise Information Management on (011) 607-8100 or email rob.shaw@eoh.co.za




More about EOH (www.eoh.co.za)

EOH has been listed on the JSE since 1998 and is one of the largest technology and knowledge services providers in South Africa and provides the technology, knowledge, skills and organisational ability critical to Africa's development and growth. EOH's 11000 staff members deliver end-to-end enterprise applications solutions, a wide range of outsourcing, cloud, managed services and business service offerings to customers across all major industries.


More about KineMatik (www.kinematik.com)

 For over 17 years, KineMatik has been developing leading edge software that improves efficiency and knowledge sharing for a range of industries. Our team has an in-depth understanding of OpenText Content Suite, with almost 60 years of combined development experience on this leading OpenText platform.

As an established Electronic Lab Notebook developer since 1999, KineMatik also provides solutions for R&D teams to save time, reduce duplication and streamline compliance. We enable them to share knowledge with global colleagues and across generations of research. We focus on supporting the way researchers work today and in the future, and our products reflect this, with tools such as mobile access and apps as standard on the KineMatik ELN.

With customers in a wide range of industries and a platform trusted by millions of users, KineMatik is committed to supporting customers and providing solutions that work the way our customers do today.





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Mannai Becomes KineMatik Authorized Partner in Qatar

Posted by Judy Costigan on Mon, Jan 29, 2018 @ 11:18 AM

Mannai becomes KineMatik Authorized Partner, in Qatar, for the KineMatik range of OpenText Content Suite Solutions.

Improving Business Processes and Optimising Content, Across all Sectors 

Cork, Ireland, January 2018 – Mannai Trading Company WLL has recently been appointed as a KineMatik Authorized Partner, in Qatar,  further enhancing the Mannai solution offering in the area of innovative enterprise applications.

“We are excited about this new partnership as the KineMatik range of OpenText Content Suite solutions will enable our customers to optimize their IT environment and exceed their digital transformation goals. This is the right partnership at the right time for both companies.KineMatik is a long-established Partner of OpenText, with a proven track record across all sectors,” says Binu M. R., Vice President – Mannai InfoTech.

“We are delighted with this new partnership as Mannai has an excellent reputation as a value added solutions and services reseller, across all sectors. We believe that this partnership will further grow our customer base in Qatar,creating a better way fororganisations to work with information,whether it is on-premise or in the cloud,”says Anne O’Leary, Executive Chairman, KineMatik.

KineMatik is a Technology Partner of OpenText since 1999 and a leading developer of OpenText Content Suite applications. KineMatik develops applications for customers worldwide including:

For further information, see  www.kinematik.com

Mannai is a Platinum Partner of OpenText. Through this partnership, Mannai and KineMatik aim to help organizations define strategies for their digital transformation journey while harnessing the power of best-of-breed technologies.

For further information,see  www.mannai.com

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