KineMatik Solutions Now OpenText Cloud Certified

Posted by Judy Costigan on Fri, Jan 14, 2022 @ 01:37 PM

Cork, Ireland. January 2022 - KineMatik is delighted to announce that OpenText has officially cloud certified the KineMatik Business Applications for Content Suite/Extended ECM. The certified solutions allow organizations to take control of their business processes using out of the box solutions.

Digital business transformation has entered a more challenging and urgency-driven phase due to recent events. Cloud computing can help organizations make this transformation quicker and cost effectively.


The global cloud computing market size is growing with more than 45% of IT spending to shift from traditional solutions to the cloud by 2024. (Gartner) Organizations are looking to take advantage of the speed, flexibility and IT cost savings the cloud promises.


“We are excited to announce that the KineMatik solutions are now a part of the OpenText Cloud deployment options. The KineMatik suite of Business Applications, the Business Application Builder and Form Builder for the Cloud will enable an organization to automate and transform their business processes and leverage their enterprise data’ says Anne O’Leary CEO, KineMatik.


“KineMatik has been an OpenText Solution Extension Partner for many years,” continues Anne. “This further enhances the partnership between the two organizations and confirms that KineMatik is an important part of OpenText’s growth in the cloud computing market.”

The suite of KineMatik Business Applications for Content Suite provides linked business processes with content management allowing a real-time view of all department metrics and trends, across an organization. The Business Application Builder allows Applications to be configured using Content Suite to meet varied end user business requirements and Form Builder enables any Content Suite user to create and edit professional Form Views without the need of developer expertise, saving essential time and resources.


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