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New OpenText Customer Success Story: Managing projects on Content Suite - a customer's view

Posted by Sara Beltoise on Wed, Jun 08, 2016 @ 11:47 AM

See the business benefits gained by this OpenText customer and how they manage projects more efficiently. Key benefits include:

  • Central location: any project team member can open their task and see all the documents they need, such as final specifications or images of new labels etc. Colleagues, regardless of their location, can now instantly access the content of any task without having to first determine what system it is stored in, where it’s stored in that system, or its format. 
  • Reports are always available and they’re more reliable as they’re based on real-time data. There is also an online dashboard in Content Suite, giving an instant snapshot of project status. Time savings include 2 weeks every month preparing reports, a task that is now automated. 
  • Decision making is accelerated: a meetings that used to last 3 hours has been reduced to just 1 hour. With around 20 people attending each meeting, that saves 40 man hours every month within just one department.

This customer, Distell, is a leading international producer and marketer of spirits, fine wines, ciders, and ready-to-drinks. To find out more, read the Success Story or Contact Us.




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