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UPCOMING OT LIVE WEBINAR Configure and Implement your Quality Processes Faster: Save Time and Money with the Latest Release of KineMatik Quality Management Applications for Content Suite 

Posted by Judy Costigan on Thu, Jan 11, 2018 @ 10:13 AM

With out of the box configuration, including workflows, forms and reports, the latest features in KineMatik QMS Applications for Content Suite now provide graphical tools for easier configuration of Form views and the QMS Applications Interface, saving you days and weeks of configuration work and providing you with the tools to swiftly configure the Apps to your quality process.

Webinar Date:              Thursday, February 22nd, 2018                                                                   

Time:              10:00am Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00); 17:00 CET 

Register:        HERE

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KineMatik QMS is a suite of applications that facilitates an organisation in managing their Quality Processes within Content Suite using out of the box configuration of workflows, forms and reports presented via a concise and intuitive application interface. The latest version of KineMatik QMS provides graphical tools for easier configuration of Workflow Form views and the QMS Applications Interface, saving you weeks in configuration time with a reduced deployment cost.

Register HERE for this webinar and see the value you can get from using the latest version of the KineMatik Suite of QMS Applications 3.0 for Content Suite.

The new Form Builder add-on enables a non-developer to reconfigure the form views including:

  • Defining form sections
  • Adding, removing and arranging form attributes
  • Form field validation and dependent actions
  • Configuring form buttons with various library actions
  • Enabling form view sidebar widgets e.g. attachments, comments and timelines.
  • Configure form popup windows  

These features provide advanced controls for QMS form views.

Change Control Form Approval Step - Jan 2018.jpg

Also new is the ability to configure aspects of the QMS Application interface:

  • Configuration of the columns displayed in the relevant application dashboard
  • Register custom reports
  • Configure overview page columns
  • Configure application timeline widget

During this webinar, see how the new features can be used to build new form views, edit existing views and reconfigure the registration page columns saving time and money.


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