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Join KineMatik at OpenText World, Europe 14-15 April

Manage Your Business Processes on Content Suite With KineMatik

Chat with KineMatik in the SolEx Lounge at OpenText World Europe. Download materials and join KineMatik’s live demo session on Managing Your Business Processes on Content Suite. Learn how you can further leverage your Content Suite platform with the KineMatik Business Applications such as Document Change Control, CAPA, Audits

Register for OpenText World Europe HERE and click on the link below to join us on the SolEx Lounge. 
SolEx Lounge

Date: Wednesday, April 14th 2021

Time: BST 14:30 - 15:00 CEST 15:30 - 16:00


OpenText Business Applications for Content Suite by KineMatik

A library of turnkey Business Applications which
provides linked business processes with content management allowing a real-time view of all department metrics and trends, across an organization. Be proactive by using defined processes, supporting documentation,
notifications and real-time reports.

OpenText Document Change Control for Content Suite by KineMatik 

An effective Document Change Control Management application for OpenText  Content Suite. This application automates and controls the document change management process in a workflow driven environment while utilizing the document management and security features of Content Suite. 

OpenText Audits for Content Suite by KineMatik

A Process Application which helps an organization ensure compliance to operational requirements and to determine the efficiency and overall health of an organization. Audits for Content Suite allows an organization to plan and submit Audit requests, get approvals and proactively manage all aspects of an Audit. Workflows provide standardized audit plan review and approval processes while dedicated workspaces provide the audit team a central location to capture all audit findings and store audit reports. Reports provide up to date information on all audit findings which help determine underlying trends and ultimately process improvements.

OpenText Business Application Builder for Content Suite by KineMatik

Allows for Applications to be configured, using Content Suite Form, Workflow and Reporting services, to meet end user business requirements and extend the value of you Enterprise Content Management platform.

SolEx Lounge

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