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OpenText Project Management

for Extended ECM

Advanced Project Management Tools on Extended ECM.

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Solution Overview

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The KineMatik Project Management solution provides industry standard, collaborative and advanced project management tools for OpenText Extended ECM.

This solution integrates projects and tasks with enterprise documents and records in a single system, while utilizing the document management and security features of Content Suite. See critical project information including cost, work, risk and issue data through interactive program reports.

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Key Values

Single Source Of Truth
Save Time, Reduce Errors
Centralized Repository For All Project Data. Complete Project Management Solution


Improve Collaboration, Increase Efficiency
Update Project Schedules And Resourcing With An Interactive Gantt Chart


Real Time Reports
Improve Decision Making
Out Of The Box Configurable Reports And Templates With Real-time Data
Resource Management

Optimize Resource Utilization

Advanced Real-time Resource Utilization. Self Assign Open Tasks 
Integrated Project Knowledge
Improve Project Outcomes, Minimize Risks
Add On Applications: Risks, Issues, Learnings, Project Change Control and Project Ideation
Connected Workspaces
Accelerate Best Practice Project Completion
Project Templates Facilitate Continuous Improvement

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At A Glance...

Advanced Project Management Tools. Project Scheduling, Reports And Resource Management 


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Manage, Track And Integrate All Projects, Tasks And Related Documents In A Single System  


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Integrate Key Project Documents Directly Into Tasks, Phases Or Deliverables


vectorpaint - 2022-12-13T123104.521-1
Update Project Schedules And Resourcing Using An Interactive Gantt


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Access Real-time Reports Using Out Of The Box Dashboards On Costs, Resources And Scheduling


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Manage Resources With Resource Scheduling And Collaboration Tools