OpenText Project Quality for xECM by KineMatik


Risk & Issues management are key factors to effective project management. During the project life cycle, risks and issues will arise which need to be tracked and managed. Improper management of risks and issues, can have a negative impact on project outcomes leading to increased costs, extended delivery times and inefficient use of resources.

Benefits from having a project learnings register include improving project planning and streamlining project execution through the identification and management of risks and issues. The OpenText Quality framework for xECM facilitates the plug-in Risk, Issues and Learnings Applications. These applications provide Quality processes within and across Projects allowing a real-time view of all quality metrics, providing effective project decision making.



  • Standalone/Integrated Project Quality Application
  • Manage, track and integrate project quality processes & records in a single system
  • Assign ownership, prioritize and track progress
  • Capture and clarify ownership of risks & issues
  • Audit trails & tracking of changes
  • Reports & dashboards provide real-time data
  • Recognise trends in risks and issues
  • Search & retrieve all relevant and linked records & documents
  • Seamless integration, easy deployment & easy to use


Project Quality Screen
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