OpenText Quality Applications for xECM by KineMatik

The OpenText Quality Applications for xECM by KineMatik  is a family of plug in Quality Applications including Audits, CAPA, Change Control, Complaints, Document Change Control, Equipment Register, SOP Training and more. These Applications provide linked and configurable Quality processes with content management allowing a real-time view of all quality metrics and trends across an organization.

Key Values
Automated Quality Processes

Manage all steps of every quality process, minimize errors and rework.

Single Source of Truth

Centralized repository for all relevant quality records, information and documents.

Configurable Processes

Pre-configure workflows or modify using workflow and form designers.

Integrated Quality Knowledge

Integrated and standalone quality processes. Start small and extend capabilities as you grow.

Full Audit Trails

Clear & full audit trail for all Quality processes and related activities.

Real-Time Reports

Instant access to real-time data. Improved, more informed decision making.

Quality at a Glance

  • Stand-alone/Integrated Quality Applications
  • Manage. track and integrate Quality processes & records in a single system
  • Easy & Consistent notification to all relevant personnel
  • Configure forms with drag & drop user interface
  • Audit trails & tracking of changes, amendments & improvements 
  • Pre-configured system workflows providing a defined process
  • Configure reports & dashboards with real-time data 
  • Seamless integration, easy deployment & easy to use
  • Integrate with Enterprise Systems e.g. xECM for SAP 

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Automate Audit processes from Audit preparation to Audit reporting.
Change Control
Automate Change Management processes in Content Suite.
Efficiently resolve complaints using the Complaints Management application. 
Document Change Control
Control your document change management process.
Manage all Corrective and Preventative Actions. Eliminate problems.
SOP Training
Ensure regulatory compliance by managing organization's SOP training.
Equipment Register
Manage equipment calibration, maintenance and all related records.

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Quality Manager
Manufacturing Sector

"We are using 5 of the KineMatik Quality Applications. Having all of our Quality processes automated and on a single system has made us much more efficient, all of our departments are fully aware of the status of each quality activity in real-time."

IT Manager
Finance Sector

" We have a number of Quality Applications including Complaints, CAPA and Audits. These linked processes give management a clear, real-time view of all complaints, what corrections have been carried out and how we can prevent them from happening again."

Quality Director
Utilities Sector

"We have just been through an ISO audit. By using the KineMatik Applications we were able to speed up the process of audit preparation, scheduling and the conducting of the audit. These Applications definitely continue to help us to be compliant."