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Safe - Workplace Playbook Management

In these unpredictable times, creating a safe environment for employees is a top priority. With economic pressures and market demand driving the push to stay open or reopen, companies are adopting new ways of doing business, implementing widespread changes to instill confidence among employees and build resilience. Safe-workplace playbooks support these enterprise-wide shifts and serve as the cornerstone for safe and productive operations.       

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Safe - Workplace Playbook Management Solution Overview

Effectively managing these go-to resources is challenging; particularly, how to make the content accessible, current and trackable in order to hold the organization accountable. In addition, playbook content is extensive, with documentation to address facility opening steps, sanitization protocols, assessment checklists, work schedules and dozens of other topics. Plus, the information is constantly evolving to address current health data, revised guidance from national health organizations and protocols specific to certain facility locations, job functions and third parties.


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By leaning on a scalable content management platform to effectively manage safe-workplace playbooks, organizations can build net-new playbooks or adapt existing industry templates. Employees can easily find and understand current protocols and introduce new practices when and where needed.


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Solution Benefits

Create, capture and digitize
Put trusted information at the center of a coordinated, digital approach for safe-workplace plans and protocols by creating a centralized playbook. 
Break down silos
Playbook content is extensive and resides in many departments. Apply information management with the playbook create and management process to efficiently create, manage and adapt playbook content.
Safeguard regulatory compliance
A full audit trail and real time data will help maintain and demonstrate regulatory compliance to meet the needs of increased regulatory pressures. 
Communicate easily
Communicate playbook details including operational guidelines, policies and procedures to forms and checklists. All documents are accessible to all employees and third parties with permissions. 
Pivot and adapt
Dynamic playbooks can be confidently maintained and updated to reflect changes in directives and best practices. With a central content management platform, organizations can protect historical information.
Measure accountability
Organizations can gain visibility into playbook distribution and usage to ensure that protocols are being met. Reporting data can be leveraged to confirm the receipt and completion of necessary forms and documentation.