During the Implementation phase, we meet with you to map out your specific goals and objectives for the project and take a holistic approach to gather all information upfront to avoid unnecessary changes that may affect budget and schedule.

Project Management

For any implementation to be successful, you need to have experienced project team members. KineMatik’s team have experience from a scientific, system and project management perspective. Their experience can help successfully guide you through this phase and ensure that the implementation is on time and on budget.

Requirements Analysis

Once your objectives are defined, KineMatik conducts a requirements analysis to examine the existing processes in your organization and identifiy potential bottlenecks and issues upfront. Requirements are gathered using several techniques, including questionnaires, one-on-one meetings and interactive workshops.

Once collected, these requirements are documented and any configuration and customization required to achieve them are highlighted. KineMatik produces a number of documents such as a Traceability Matrix document that links particular features to individual documents and a detailed test plan. Recommended specifications are also outlined to ensure that your KineMatik solution works in your environment. Most importantly, one of the deliverables of a requirements analysis is a detailed document that outlines the configuration so that it performs according to your needs and expectations.


If you require additional features, we can offer customization services to develop additional capabilities to suit your specific needs. Kinematik ensures that any custom work developed does not result in a custom product for you. The custom features are either built into the application for general release (the preferred method) or a client specific module is developed. This ensures that updates, patches and upgrades are simple for you.


Once installed, the system is configured according to the specifications documented during the requirements analysis phase.


Validation, if needed, is performed by third party independent validation experts. KineMatik can provide a list of experts who have experience in performing validation of KineMatik solutions.

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